Everything may look good above ground...

But what about what's going on down below? You may not even know there is a serious problem unless the sewer is actually overflowing or the sinks and shower are draining very slowly, but by then it may be too late!

25 year warranty, save up to 75%*...

Tree roots can cause a lot of problems for underground drainage systems as they can damage pipes & also cause considerable blockages. With our pipe relining system you can save up 75%* on the cost of digging, & get a 25 year warranty.

Our pipe camera system can reveal all...

To assess the condition of underground plumbing, a specialist camera inspection can be performed. This utilizes the latest equipment to carry out a full survey of pipe work and drains, & a repair method recommendation.

Trenchless, no dig pipe relining...

We were the pioneers in Pipe Relining in Sydney, commencing over 30 years ago. Our patented system uses a special adhesive that bonds the liner and the pipe together. We offer a 25 year warranty as a result to back up our work.

Pipe Relining Sydney - the original & best

Are Tree Roots Damaging Your Pipes and Drains? We unblock drains all day, everyday!

You no longer have to dig up the old pipes to repair your blocked drains

Save up to 75%* with our trenchless, no dig pipe relining system

Streamline Drains are the pioneers of domestic Pipe Relining in Sydney. We have at least
20 years more experience than others and we guarantee our work for 25 years.

Why? Because we can. With 100's of testimonials from satisfied customers & with expertise dating back to the very early 90's, you can't go wrong.

Call us now and speak to Kevin Barry, our Award Winning Company Owner and Specialist. If he can't find you an economical and carefree solution to your pipe/drain problems, then no one can!

The Streamline patented system can save you up to 75%* on the cost of having to dig up your yard and replace existing pipes.

Fix your blocked drains now with our pipe relining and rehabilitation services in Sydney.

25 year guarantee

25 year guarantee
We offer an industry best, 25 year guarantee on all our work, so you can rest assured your pipes will remain healthy for a very long time. Contact us now for a free quote.

Trenchless pipe repairs

Trenchless pipe repairs
Why choose anyone else? Our patented no dig, trenchless pipe repair system is the first & the best!

Pipe inspection camera

Pipe inspection camera
Our pipe camera system can help us to see what the problem is, or for preventative maintenance on your pipes & drains.

The benefits of pipe relining Sydney

Once Streamline have relined your pipes with our pipe relining service, they will be stronger than ever before with a life expectancy of 60 years, and an amazing 25 years Warranty provided.

The Benefits of the StreamLine system are:

  • Original pipe lining company around Sydney since 1989
  • Provide EPA & Council Solutions
  • Environmental Award Winning
  • Domestic, Commercial, & Industrial Solutions
  • Latest Equipment and Technology to provide the best solution
  • Permanent PIPE REPAIR solution & ready to use in hours
  • Streamlines patented adhesive system is guaranteed not to leak
  • Pipe inspection using our sophisticated drain camera system

World Gold Medal Winners

Streamlines Patented system won the International Gold Medal at Geneva, Switzerland
  • Member of Master Plumbers
  • Sydney Water inspection & approval available
  • Sewer/Stormwater pipes
  • $20 Million Indemnity Insurance
  • Home Warranty Insurance available
  • Streamline Guarantee your relined pipes for 20 Years

"Finally, after 10yrs I don’t have to worry about my pipes blocking again at Xmas. The StreamLine Lining System has allowed me to enjoy the time with family and friends without the fear of my toilets blocking!"
Dr V. Stewart, Wahroonga

So, what will relining your drains cost?

This is a very opened ended question and is similar to calling a builder and asking "How much to build a house?"

However, a rough guide for pipe lining cost is:

The minimum cost to line a pipe is usually $1,850.00 + GST. Most domestic properties we do average out at approximately $2,000.00 + GST to $4,000.00 + GST.

If we are there for a week (this is a major job with a very high degree of difficulty), then the cost will be in the vicinity of $20,000.00 + GST (Home Warranty Insurance is provided to cover the Owner).

Once the pipe is cleaned and televised, you will receive a firm quote.

To read more about how much it costs to reline a pipe, please visit our costs page.

CALL US FIRST - before you are advised to dig up your lawn, house, pavers etc.

Call the team the plumbers call - 1300 550 447 or 02 8203 0646

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