Plumbing, Drains and Pipes FAQs

Drains and pipes run underneath your entire property, and like any other part of your house or garden, they require maintenance – preferably preventative maintenance! The problem of cracked or broken pipes is only brought to the notice of the householder when the sewer overflows, or the shower drain or sink begins to drain very slowly. This usually means tree roots in the pipe or misaligned joints caused by broken or damaged pipes.

Blocked drains fixed At this stage, conventional ideas advocate clearing the line, either with an electric eel, a water jet, or a similar drain-clearing device. But this doesn’t solve the problem; it merely delays the solution and in most instances – actually compounds it. Once clearing of the pipe is no longer viable, conventional wisdom calls for excavation and replacement. This is very costly, unsightly and usually leaves the household without the use of the bathroom, toilet and kitchen for several days.

How do I know if there is a problem?

You won’t! Not unless the sewer is actually overflowing or the sinks and shower are draining very slowly. Not until the situation becomes very bad, does the householder consider major cleaning or replacement. By this time the problem has reached a point where something must be done urgently – usually meaning a higher price is charged by the people who can help you. However – with a little preventative maintenance, you will be able to foresee a lot of the serious problems that might arise.

Why won’t cleaning my drains solve the problem?

Cleaning the drains, either by an electric drain-clearing machine such as an electric eel or by high-pressure water jetting of the line, only provides a temporary bandaid solution. It does not solve the problem, and can indeed, make it considerably worse.

In the situation where a drain or sewer line has tree root infiltration evident, the machining or jetting of the line, only serves to “prune” the roots. The roots will actually grow back bigger and with more strength in the future. Indeed on the outside of a drain or sewer where the roots have been pruned, a “root ball” will begin to emerge. This ball or knuckle of roots will eventually become so large as to actually smash the pipe, leaving you no option but to excavate.

Why can’t I tell before the problem becomes evident?

In most households, there are peaks and troughs in the use of the sewer and drains. During the mornings and evenings, with the majority of people usually, in the house, the quantity of water and sewerage flowing through the pipes is greater. However, after people have left for school or work, or gone to bed, or have gone out for the evening, the sewer is used less frequently. It is during these periods that they bank up of sewerage or water can leach out of the pipe through broken, cracked or misaligned joints. Alternatively, the sewerage can slowly seep through the root mass that has taken hold within the pipe. This can be detrimental to the environment and usually ends up polluting our creeks and waterways.

When there is an increased volume of water and sewerage to be conveyed, problems become evident. Often this occurs during the holidays when friends or family come to stay, or at dinner parties or other social occasions. In fact, just at the time when the level of embarrassment will be at it’s highest.

What can I do?


Streamline’s Lining System has been designed to solve the problems associated with damaged and root-infested drains and pipes. They are a specialist in unblocking and relining pipes/drains, in fact, this is all they do!

Rather than trying to make running repairs (ultimately ineffective) on your existing pipes and drains, Streamline replaces them with a new core pipe. This new Streamline core is manufactured in continuous lengths eliminating joints and cracks which lead to root infiltration. The Streamline pipe is manufactured from a felt core, which is impregnated with a complex polymer resin. The bag is pulled or winched into position, an inner bladder is inflated and once the liner core is set, the resin activates, leaving the new pipe stronger than your old one.

Why Streamline?

Nearly all plumbers can clean your pipes and drains. However – unlike conventional plumbers, – Streamline knows that this is only the first step and not the end to solving your problem.

Download our flyer in PDF format After the pipes and drains have been cleaned, Streamline can undertake a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) survey of your existing pipes. This survey is videoed and a full written report is prepared. Both the video (which can be played on any electronic device) and report which will allow you to see for yourself the condition of your existing drains and pipes. Only when you have all the facts regarding your drains and pipes in front of you, can you be sure of the advice you receive and the service you pay for! If we think that a reline is required, Streamline will provide a written quote, outlining the best way to completely repair your sewerage and drainage system, fixing your problems – once and for all – Guaranteed.

So don’t pay plumbers to only provide temporary relief and don’t wait until your pipes and drains are so bad that they have to be closed down and excavated – call Streamline – for professionalism and service that you can see for yourself. No job is too big or too small.. We do domestic, commercial, industrial and Public Authority work. No job too small or too big!

The many advantages of the Streamline System:
1. The Streamline System is guaranteed.
2. The System requires no costly and disruptive excavation.
3. There are savings compared to conventional methods up to 75%
4. Streamline provides the solution to the whole problem – not just temporary relief from the symptoms.
5. Streamline pipes and drains are ready for use within hours – not days!
6. Increased flow characteristics.
7. Streamline pipes are stronger than both your original pipe and any other type of replacement pipe.
8. No need to remove troublesome trees, shrubs or other vegetation to ensure root free pipes.

Can bends and junctions be lined?

Yes, most definitely.

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