Pipe Relining Sydney – What Is StreamLine?

StreamLine is an all Australian, Sydney based pipe relining system which was developed and designed to solve the problems associated with damaged and root infested drains & pipes.

Pipe Relining Sydney - No need for diggingRather than replacing existing pipes and drains, StreamLine lines them with a new core pipe. This new StreamLine core is manufactured in continuous lengths, eliminating joints & cracks which can lead to root infiltration. We believe that this is the best pipe relining solutions available.

The StreamLine pipe is manufactured from a felt core which is impregnated with a complex polymer resin. The core is then winched or pulled into position and, once set, the resin activates, leaving the new pipe actually stronger than the old!

We can repair pipes diameter from 100mm up to 900mm – lengths from 1 metre to 100 metres. The StreamLine no dig pipe repairGuarantee offers superior quality, less disruption, and decreased costs

Advantages of StreamLine pipe relining Sydney:

  • The Streamline system is guaranteed for 7 years
  • Electronic tracing of drains, pipes and services
  • The Streamline process eliminates the need to excavate the old pipe, hence significantly reducing disruption, damage to property and cost
  • Compared to conventional methods, huge savings are possible – in some cases up to 75%*
  • Streamline provides the solution to the whole problem, not just temporary relief from symptoms
  • Streamline technology is suitable for industrial, commercial, domestic and council pipelines
  • Pipes from 100mm (4 inch), to 900mm (35 inch), are suitable
  • The Streamline pipe cannot be infiltrated by tree roots
  • The materials used are extremely strong and abrasion resistant
  • Before and after video inspection is available
  • Streamline pipes and drains are ready for use within hours – not days
  • Streamline provides increased flow characteristics
  • Eliminates odour problems
  • Eliminates sewerage leaking into the soil
  • Stops infiltration & exfiltration of toxins into waterways & surrounding areas

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