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In order to assess the condition of underground plumbing, a specialist camera inspection can be performed. This utilises the latest equipment to carry out a full survey of pipework and drains. From this survey, an appropriate method of repair such as pipe relining can be recommended.

If the pipes are found to be blocked by debris, then the plumbing system may need to be cleaned in order to carry out a full pipe camera inspection. This can be done with standard water jetting techniques and sophisticated robotic cutters can also be used to remove any blockages or obstructive roots from pipes.


Pipe Camera Equipment

Pipe cameras can also be used to inspect pipework in potentially hazardous areas where standard maintenance inspections cannot be carried out. Specialist camera equipment such as tilt colour cameras, light heads and explosion-proof pans can be tailored for a number of different conditions and pipework. Tractor units can provide inspection ranges of up to 300m and equipment is available for pipes that are less than 25mm through to those that are 600mm and larger.

Pipe cameras can provide detailed surveys for use as part of an inspection. A cleaning and verification package can also be purchased. Doing so allows the owner, through the vendor, to monitor plumbing conditions over time.Pipe cameras can provide detailed surveys for use as part of an inspection. A cleaning and verification package can also be purchased. Doing so allows the owner, through the vendor, to monitor plumbing conditions over time.

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Pipe Relining

Pipe relining can save homeowners and businesses hundreds of dollars if not thousands on plumbing works. This technique allows damaged pipes to be repaired and restored, without the need for expensive excavation and groundworks. Pipe relining minimizes the impact on the surrounding environment and is ideal for built-up areas.

Pipe Relining Methods

Pipe relining is a remarkably straightforward technique which allows you to place a ‘pipe within a pipe’. This extends the life of installed plumbing and allows cost-effective repairs for pipes damaged by corrosion, cracking and root infiltration. Pipe relining techniques can also be used to restore pipes that are on the verge of total collapse.

It is also known as an affordable way to update old-fashioned plumbing, ensuring it is resistant to corrosion, chemical attack, ground movement and root penetration. There are several different ways to reline pipes.

The approach employed will depend on the condition of the existing pipes. It will also depend on individual environmental factors associated with the specific property. The most common method is to insert polyurethane (PUR) coated resin impregnated felt tube into old pipework. This is moulded rigidly and is sealed to resist pressure from water and air once underground.

Pipe relining is an affordable and effective way to carry out essential maintenance on plumbing and underground pipework. By relining pipes, you will avoid expensive excavation work and can save yourself hundreds of dollars. A diverse range of pipework can be surveyed through the use of pipe camera equipment. Both cold and hot pipes can be repaired using pipe relining techniques.

In summary, pipe cameras give plumbing specialists a unique and targeted view into existing homeowner plumbing systems. The technological capability opens up cost-saving alternatives repair opportunities for budget-strapped homeowners. This is something everyone can appreciate!


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