Pipe Relining Cost – Sydney

Firstly, before we discuss pipe relining cost, you need to know what we do to determine an accurate quote for you.

A CCTV Camera is 1st used to televise your pipes/drain to determine problem areas.

  1. Tree Roots are located and their positions marked for accuracy.
  2. Measurements of these Tree Roots and problem areas are transposed onto the drain cleaning equipment’
  3. All Technicians carry both High Pressure Water Jets and Electric Eels with the Water Jet the preferred method.
  4. The pipes are cleaned and tree roots removed at the same time.
  5. The camera is then placed back into the drain to check our work to ensure the drain will not block again in this area for the longest time possible
  6. PLEASE NOTE: The problem with cleaning your drain without a CCTV Camera is that it is most likely you are not removing all the tree roots properly, therefore dramatically decreasing the period of time before it blocks again.
  7. At the same time, we electronically locate the pipes and mark where it runs and how deep it is then we give you a Free DVD of the drain with a Quote to repair.

Armed with the Quote and the DVD you are now able to get as many alternative pipe relining cost quotes as you feel necessary or even be able to fix it yourself.

We cannot be more upfront and honest than that.

Our rates for the above are (all equipment and labour included):

  • $264.00 including GST for the first hour
  • $203.50 including GST for every hour after that (charged at 15 minute intervals)

Our Quote gives the most economic and convenient way to permanently fix your problem:

  • We will also prioritise this for you so you can stagger the repairs to suit your budget.
  • We advise you as to what we think are your best solution.
  • We take the stress out of the situation for you.

So, what will is cost to reline your drains?

This is a very opened ended question and is similar to calling a builder and asking “How much to build a house?”

Factors that affect the pipe relining cost:

  • Location of property
  • Length of pipe and size of pipe that is to be repaired.
  • How long you expect to own the property?
  • Has any section of the pipeline been left too long?  If so what is involved in excavating this section?
  • What is the access?
  • Any junctions or change in directions (yes we can line these too!)
  • Risk.

However, a rough guide for pipe relining costs follows:

  • The minimum cost to line a pipe is usually $1,850.00 + GST. Most domestic properties we do average out at approximately $2,000.00 + GST to $4,000.00 + GST.
  • If we are there for a week (this is a major job with a very high degree of difficulty), then the cost will be in the vicinity of $15,000.00 + GST (Home Warranty Insurance is provided to cover the Owner).

Once the pipe is cleaned and televised, you will receive a firm quote.

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